UOW Football Juniors – Memo (PDF)

To our UOW Football members and community,

UOWFC is expanding to include junior teams in its ranks. This has been in the strategic plan for a long time now, however it’s only been a few recent events that have allowed it to start to happen. In the 2018 season the previously named Wollongong Olympic Junior Football Club (WOJFC) will now be known as University of Wollongong Football Club – Juniors. This is the first step in what will be a staged alignment of the junior and senior club.

Why are we aligning?

There are many benefits of having a junior and senior club aligned. It allows a pathway for young players to progress, it can allow for shared resources, better applications for funding and grants, more sponsorship opportunities, a more effective committee and volunteer base.

What are the difficulties?

Change in any organisation is difficult, but change in a volunteer organisation that has been in operation for 45+ years is a big challenge. The requirements for clubs and the drain it puts on the volunteer administration is a challenge in itself let alone having to align with another organisation and ensure all boxes are ticked, and all requirements are met.

How will it affect the senior club?

The effect on the senior club will be minimal, and we plan to do it in a staged process to reduce any risks that may arise. There have been some confusion with registrations at the moment, which have been resolved and are as simple as choosing the right club name. The seniors have always been listed as University FC (Wollongong) in the registration system.

What is the next step?

Throughout the year the Junior and Senior clubs will meet to create an action plan. There may be some junior games played at kooloobong oval or on campus. This is an exciting opportunity for the UOW Football club which will strengthen and improve the club. There may be some obstacles along the way, but with the help of our members we can work through it together.

If you would like to be involved in the process, or other ways to assist the club please feel free to contact myself directly.


Yours in football,


Murray Doyle


UOW Football Club

M 0402 595 210