Insurance Documents 2019


Making a Claim

How do I make a Sports Injury claim?

1. Advise your authorised club office bearer that you wish to make a claim.
2. Obtain a claim form from the Gow-Gates Football Insurance Website.
3. Send the completed claim form directly to Gow-Gates within 120 days from the date of injury;
Claims Department Gow-Gates Insurance Brokers
GPO Box 4731
Sydney NSW 2001
4. Claims must be advised as above within 120 days of injury.
5. When completing the claim form, ensure that you provide as much information as possible. This may include documents, records or even photographs for identification.
6. You must attend any medical examinations or other assessment organised by Gow-Gates.
7. You must take all reasonable steps to recover from any injuries.
8. If you require an update on the status of your claim, please refer to Gow-Gates Football Insurance website –