UOW Football Club now has two movable goals that have been provided by SAF Funding. These are a great asset to the club and there are some strict safety rules that need to be adhered to when using the goals.

The following must be in place for safe use:

  • 15 sandbags (total 200kg) must be placed over the rear support frame to prevent the goal from falling
  • Check the goals are structurally sound, ie not wobbling or unstable (there may be a loose or missing bolt)
  • Notify all players to not swing off the goals. This warning is also printed on the goals.
  • Goals to be chained up and locked at the end of each session.
  • Report any damage or incidents to the committee.

Note: 10 pegs of 300mm length can be used to secure each goal if the sandpags are not available

Below are policing procedures and fact sheets from FNSW.